Naughty or nice

Like most almost-8 month olds, Addison alternates between both. Her first visit with Santa Claus this afternoon was no different. There were a couple of smiles, though fleeting, a lot of staring, and then a few tears and squawks.

We were actually planning on skipping the whole Santa Claus rigamarole this year because that usually entails a trek to the local shopping mall, a long wait in a line full of potentially cold/flu germy children, not to mention all the germs that end up on the jolly old man’s beard and suit. But thanks to the mommy of Addison’s little BFF Teagan, the lovely Lynn Colliar, Addison got to enjoy a special private meet and greet the big man himself. Lynn obviously has some good connections because Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus both showed up for the photo op!

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The two little princesses in red were not as enthused as their parents, but Addison managed to keep her tears at bay so we could get a few pictures. Teagan (3 months younger than Addison) was desperately late for her afternoon nap so she had already had enough of Santa by the time we arrived. Not sure what the girls asked Santa to bring for Christmas…maybe no more parent-enforced Santa visits?


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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