Happy 8 months!

Yeah! Addison is 8 months old today. That means she’s 2/3 of a year already (and I am oh so much closer to the end of my maternity leave). You can really see her little personality developing more every day. The princess is either very happy and giggly or cranky and crabby. Thankfully, it is probably 90% the former and only 10% the latter. Baddison (remember her? though I certainly won’t ever forget her!) doesn’t show up too often these days!

It has been an action-packed month for our little girl, mostly with non-medical stuff. A few more big baby milestones Addison can cross off the list:

– sitting on her own

– first two teeth (on the bottom)

met Santa Claus

– down to SIX BIG WEEKS between transplant clinic!

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Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS: She has a bad face rash right now so not as many close-ups as usual!

3 thoughts on “Happy 8 months!

  1. Good Morning and happy 8 months, my name is Nathalie Mantta and I had the pleasure of meeting your husband yesterday. Our son, Carter recently went through a stem cell transplant for a rare white blood cell disease. He is doing fantastic and we couldn’t be more blessed. I just wanted to say hello as I have heard a little about Addison through Shawna & Brittney Michaud.
    Your baby girl is gorgeous and I couldn’t be happier for your little miracle.
    Merry Christmas,
    Carter and Nathalie Mantta

  2. Happy 8 months! Love the blogs, the pics…everything. What a blessing and inspiration she is! It’s been a delight to be able to part of your/her journey! Thanks! You guys are awesome!

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