Study Session

Addison was patient #155 on ECMO or ECLS (heart lung life support machine), which makes her part of a very small group of BC children. The program has only been in existence at BC Children’s Hospital since 1999. That makes each and every little patient an important study subject for future patients. So Addison will be followed by a special research team at BCCH for the next few years to see how she grows and develops. Yes, we are adding yet another couple of experts to the roster!

First the little princess met with a neonatal pediatrician. She was measured, weighed and her overall health was assessed. Then we had a session with a physiotherapist. The physio went through a standardized test with Addison to see if she had the appropriate development for an 8 month old. There were a lot of new toys for entertainment!

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Everything checked out just fine, which is more good news. There are long term risks of being on ECMO, including hearing loss. But early intervention is the key to successful outcomes with any medical condition, and with such an “A” team of support, I know Addison can overcome any obstacles in her way…especially if there is a colourful block on the other side.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Study Session

  1. Yeah!!!!!! It’s almost reassuring that si many health professionals are checking up on Addie cause then you can be reassured that everything is going well! Live Addie’s little Canadian boots. Looks like she enjoyed all the new toys!!! 🙂

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