Oh Christmas Tree

I have to confess some years the McYong household has been a little devoid of the holiday spirit, at least when it comes to decorations. There is a good reason for that though – both Aaron and I have spent most Christmas Days working. And if we aren’t working Dec 25, we are definitely working Dec 24, Dec 26, Dec 27 and so on. The only Christmas we haven’t worked was in 2005. That’s because we were in Buenos Aires on our way home from an Antarctic expedition (where we got engaged!). This year I knew we’d have to ramp up the Christmas celebrations because it’s Addison’s first. There won’t be many presents under the tree, as I mentioned in a previous post, but we do have a tree!

Make him stop!

Addison was thoroughly uninterested when we went to pick out our tree. The only real response we got from her was a loud wail when the tree lot guy pulled out his chainsaw to give the tree a fresh cut. After we dragged it into a corner of our living room, the little princess didn’t even look at it.

She did seem way more interested in the very special ornament Auntie Jennifer found for her, or at least she was fascinated with the napkin wrapping paper. Jen found this amazingly life-like heart ornament made from felt at a local craft fair. Not sure who else would want one on their tree but Jen immediately thought it was perfect for us…and we love it! In general, Addison seems to think all ornaments are good snacks.

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I have always tried to scoop up any cute penguin ornaments I see (I like penguins a lot, hence the trip to Antarctica), but I think I may have to change my holiday decor theme, or at least add to it. Come Boxing Day, I’ll be the crazy shopper scouting for heart ornaments!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree

  1. How nice!!!! A real tree!!!! Love that heart ornament!!!! Who’d have thought….?! I’ll look out for heart decorations too!!!! So nice the kiddies could come over to help decorate!

  2. I haven’t had a chance to log in so I had a few blog entries to catch up on. Happy 8 months Addison and I love the Christmas no gifts idea. We’re hoping to get our family to follow suit. Perhaps Addison will pay more attention to the tree when it is covered in twinkly lights? That heart ornament…who in the world?! It is so perfect for the McYongs though. We’re not going to have a white Christmas here, but it will most likely be steamy and wet on the Gold Coast. Have a great day and happy Boxing Day shopping Elaine!

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