Miracles happen…Everyday

OK…I know. The word “Miracle” is a tad overused at this time of year.  When you start out with the whole ‘Bethlehem away-in-a-manger’ business, Christmas is always going to lean towards the miraculous.  Just because a term is overused, doesn’t mean it isn’t valid.

While this is usually a blog about Addison, (anyone want to argue about her miraculous-ness?)  I thought I should use my all too infrequent posts to tell you about some other children whom I have had the pleasure of meeting this week. These are kids who have really ratcheted up the miracle meter. I want to tell you about their families, who found themselves sitting in one of the waiting rooms at Children’s Hospital with no idea they would be forced to deal with a life altering diagnosis. Imagine waking up Christmas morning and being told your 3-week old has leukemia, or finding out your 15-year old son has stage 4 colon cancer.  What’s remarkable about these stories is not the rarity of the disease, nor the treatment, not even the outcome.   What sets these families apart is the aplomb with which they deal with their situation.

Who is that guy on TV?

Hmmmm....kind of looks like my Daddy. Mesmerizing.

Not to say it is easy.  These are people who have shed more than their share of tears, who have spent too many sleepless nights at their child’s hospital bedside, and who have stared into the mirror terrified about what was coming next.  Through it all, though, they refused to believe there was no hope, refused to quit, and have come out on the other side stronger for it.

All week on Global News we are running stories ( very originally titled “Holiday Miracles”) that I am so proud to share  with you.  This is the reason I became a journalist.  These are good stories with great characters that hopefully make viewers want to do something to help.  We have tried to stay away from some of the more glaring cliches in the typical Christmas medical story, and we’ve even managed to inject a little humour.  You can watch all of the stories here on the Global BC  website.  (sorry about the ads.)



I love it when Daddy helps me on the potty

Love reading the morning paper with Daddy!

I heard a great line the other day.  “These kids will change the world.”  They have been through so much, they know how valuable their lives are and they don’t want to waste a gift.   There is a lesson here, these stories should be inspiring.  Every life is precious and fleeting.  Take all the joy you can from your days.   I take so much joy from those around me who have supported us through our struggle, and from Addison who I’m sure you all know is a perfect little miracle.

Merry Christmas.



5 thoughts on “Miracles happen…Everyday

  1. Yeah, daddy! A heart- warming story. I hope I’ll have access to the holiday miracles stories being aired! Love all the daddy-princess photos. 🙂

  2. Had no idea about your baby, or the fact the two global tv personalities you were together! What a lovely little family you have…wishing you all the very best of healthy happiest Christmas and a bright new year…

  3. Thank you for sharing those stories…I get teary reading about all the miracles 🙂 I am a very proud mom to a Childrens Hospital Miracle Kid myself and am so thankful that miracles happen there everyday – whether big or little, they are things I am truly thankful for. Our journey began 15 years ago when my oldest was 2 years old and we have been a long time patient family and my son is truly a miracle in my eyes. Wishing your family all the very best this Christmas 🙂

  4. Hi Elaine, my mom saw the story about Addison and said it was very touching. I wish I could see it here, but it seems it’s the only one not on the website at the moment. We’re counting down to mommy going back to work…only 5 days left!

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