So many milestones for our “little miracle”

Mmmmm...those toes looks so tasty.

It has been just three and a half months since we went ‘public’ with Addison’s story on Global BC. Our little baby has done so much growing up in those weeks…she is changing before our eyes. It’s something all parents experience but I think we probably celebrate just a little bit more when Addison learns something new. Her most recent discoveries? Chewing on her toes and rolling around in the ‘happy baby’ pose.

Addison’s gross motor skills are a little delayed. The physiotherapist says that is to be expected given her four weeks in the hospital and more weeks recovering from her heart transplant surgery. I have unsubscribed from those weekly  “your baby -what to expect” emails. Clearly Addison is blazing her own path!

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We have a pretty quiet Christmas weekend planned – especially because we aren’t big on gifts, as I explained in an earlier post. But we plan to cherish every moment with Addison. I know this is such a busy time for everyone, however please take a moment to give one gift that can save lives…the best part is, it doesn’t cost you a penny. Register as an organ donor and discuss your wishes with your family. It could mean a second chance for someone who has so much living ahead of them.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

12 thoughts on “So many milestones for our “little miracle”

  1. Congrats on now having a healthy happy baby for Christmas. What a great Christmas story. I just watched your story tonight and thank the powers that be that I have very healthy grandchildren. Enjoy your Christmas.

    Kim Clark
    Campbell River

  2. Thank you for going public and sharing your story. I am so happy to hear all Addison’s great accomplishments. What am amazingly brave little girl she is, she is destined for greatness…..not to meantion how beautiful she is. I hope your family has a very Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year. Addison sure does deserve something every special from Santa (over and above the special gift she already recieved).
    xoxo from mom that was very touched by your story 😉

  3. Just watched Global BC news with your ” heart warming ” story (sorry couldn’t resist the pun) Like anchor Chris Gailus it choked me up….nothing to be embarrassed by….just shows Chris and I are empathetic and caring human beings. Words don’t truly express how happy I am for Elaine, Addison and you …… As a nurse I recognize the need for more organ donors…..I worked in a trauma transplant unit in Toronto years ago. Nothing is more exhilarating than seeing a deathly ill patient recover their health after a courageous family has made the most difficult decision of their life. Under unimaginable duress, they have chosen to turn their tragedy into something positive for another family facing unspeakable challenges. I hope your story motivates others to have the very difficult discussion about their wishes….something we chose to do because ‘life’ is the ultimate gift to another human being…..Have a Merry Christmas and savor the moments….they grow up too quickly……. Warmest Regards, Cheryl Thorpe. Victoria

  4. Hi Elaine!! You might remember’s Greg…I used to work with you at UTV on 2nd Ave. waaaay back in 1994-97…somewhere in that timeframe. Anyways…I was so touched by your story!!! Not only because I know you…also because my cousin Michael had a heart transplant when he was 20 years old…in 1980. At the time…he was the youngest heart transplant recipient in western Canada. Since I am an only child he was like my brother…and we were very close. I hope I’m not going to bum you out…since he passed away at the age of 42…but I will say it was a miracle he even made it…and lived another 22 good years! Medical science has come such a long way since then…and I just wanted to let you know I can empathize with you and Aaron…I know of the struggles and stress…but mostly…the love that shines though. Have a great holiday with your little bundle of joy. 🙂

  5. Hi Elaine & Aaron – I was unaware of your dramatic personal story till tonight on Global – and am so happy for you both that things have gone miraculously well for Addison! Knowing you both over many years as reporters, it must be strange to be on the other end of the story but it is important that you are publicizing the need for organ transplants & the good works of Children’s Hospital. All the best to you at this especially special time!

  6. It’s always amazing to hear/see Addison’s growth and development (though your blog and facetime!) Wish we could be there to help celebrate Addie’s first Christmas, but we will be there……sometime in the relatively near future! 🙂

    Can I have access to this story that everyone is talking about??? I’m sure it’s another tear-jerker!

    I’ve made a donation on Addison’s BCCH wall….Merry Christmas to the McYong family.. from the Gonzalez Yong family! 🙂

  7. Hmm I just found that I had registered as an Organ donor in 1999 after visiting your link. I thought it said Oregon Donuts? Perhaps take the other bits and not my brain, it’s a bit used.

    Have a Happy Christmas from our Family to yours, it has been a HECK of a Year for you! Only though your wonderful Blog I have gotten some idea what it must be like. I treasure every moment with my little one, you have just amplified it through your insightful verse.
    Best Wishes,
    Simon, Pricille & Maëllys

  8. Elaine and Aaron…I made a mistake on my previous blog…my cousin actually got his heart transplant on August 1st, 1986….not 1980. I hope your family has a truly wonderful Christmas…and if you don’t recall who I am…my last name was Neumeyer at the time. Cheers!!!

  9. Elaine, you may not remember me but you used to come to my Bootcamp classes at Bonsor. My supervisor told me about Addison and I was finally able watch the story about you! My family has recently had a very positive experience with Children’s Hospital as my younger son, at age nine, suffered a very serious head injury and was in a coma for 4 days. We have had a year of rehab and the journey continues as I know it does for you. I know what it is like to live a miracle and your little Addison is truly a beautiful one. I wish you and your family all the best this Christmas and please know that I will be thinking of you.
    Debbie Jessen

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