A 101st New Year’s Eve

On Saturday night, as Addison is happily snoozing away (at least that’s what Mommy and Daddy are hoping for), the clock will tick down to her very first New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile in Victoria, her great grandmother Molly will probably be ringing in her 101st New Year’s Eve in much the same fashion. Hey, with a hundred such occasions under her belt already, give the gal a break! It’s just not a big deal anymore.

Grandma Molly was in town this week so we got a quick visit with her. She’s looking pretty fantastic these days. I think the big 100th birthday celebration in June put a little spring back in her step. Addison really enjoyed playing with her great-grandmother’s hands and sitting in her walker!

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The secret to Molly’s longevity? Keep moving! Recently she even skipped the bus ride back home from the bank, opting to walk instead. As Addison would surely say to her great grandmother, from one tough cookie to another…you go girl!!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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