In the news…again!

Addison has gotten more face time in her short life than many people ever get in a lifetime! According to her big cousin Marissa, she’s famous. When talking about the concept of ‘ancestors’ with Lao-lao, Marissa solemnly said one of her ancestors was very famous. Lao-lao was very curious as to who this could be since she could not recall any really famous people on either side of the family tree. 7-year old Marissa exclaimed, “Addison! She is famous!” Aaaah…out of the mouth of babes.

The cousins! L to R: Aidan, Manny, Marissa and Addison

Just before Christmas, Addison’s story aired on Global BC again as part of a series Aaron did on “Christmas Miracles”. If you missed it the second time around, you can watch it HERE.

Our baby girl was also featured in a beautiful column in the North Shore News written by Elizabeth James. Click on the picture to link to the article.

It’s not always easy to bare your soul to the public, but it’s a small price to pay for doing our part to raise awareness about organ donation and the great work at BC Children’s Hospital.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “In the news…again!

  1. Another great story about our FAMOUS little Addison!!!!!!! Whatever it takes to continue to spread the word about organ donation!!!!!!! I miss all my beautiful nieces and nephews!!!!! 🙂

  2. Great story. So glad there is people like you and Aaron & Addison to keep the word going on the big need for Organ Transplants. We will do our part as well ❤

  3. Thanks for continuing to share. I am one of the Operating Room Nurses.
    Today we gave a new heart to a another baby in Canada. In my sorrow for the loss of one life I try to remember the other life we are saving. Your story will be dear to me for a long time, and makes knowing that the things we have to do sometimes in our jobs is so worthwhile.

    • I am tearing up from your message…so terribly sad for that little one’s family. I truly admire their strength in the face of such grief. All my thoughts are with both families tonight, and with all of you in the hospital who have to deal with life and death every single day. Thank you for your compassion. (Sonya we remember you!)

  4. Great photo of all the cousins together! How did you get them to stay still?
    Thanks for the links to the article and video. I can still stay up to date even all the way over here on the Gold Coast.

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