Happy 9 months (from the hospital)!

It isn’t the most enjoyable way to celebrate 9 big months of life, but Addison doesn’t seem to mind spending her day at BC Children’s Hospital.

Remember those troublesome Tacrolimus levels I wrote about earlier this week? Well today she is getting blood drawn 6 times throughout the morning and afternoon so we can find out what is happening to the Tacrolimus over the day.

That’s not all on her agenda for today. Her face rash has flared up again and her right arm is puffy. So we will also be getting visits from her pediatrician, a dermatologist, one of the transplant nurses and a cardiologist. Our little princess certainly likes to keep busy!

PS The official 9 month photos are postponed! Will post them when we get them done.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Happy 9 months (from the hospital)!

  1. Hang in there ….. sometimes ‘one stop shopping ‘ provides answers from the health care team and helps us relax and focus on areas that are priorities…instead of fixating on every little detail and feeling completely overwhelmed….one thing I’ll bet on is that Addison being the charming princess she is…has the health care team and all that come in contact with her…wrapped around her finger <3. Hugs to you all and hope today provides the information needed to move
    forward with her health care plan.
    Cheers for now. Cheryl

  2. Happy 9 months to the little princess! Happy to see Addison smiling and laughing at the hospital. I’m sure mommy and daddy were doing all they could to keep the princess entertained. 🙂 Hope the results from today are ok…. but you just have to remember what a natural-born fighter she is!!!!! Plus, she seems to have a bit of her mom’s stubborness/personality!

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