Speed bump on the road to Italy

As we have learned over the past 9 1/2 months, life with Addison is never straightforward. She definitely knows how to keep life interesting for all of us! So while I have been surfing the internet for hours each day, scouring the best villa rentals in Tuscany and cute pied-a-terres in Florence and Venice, I am now taking a week-long break from my vacation planning.

After her second puffy face incident last week, the doctors have scheduled the little princess for an ultrasound of her neck to assess blood flow. The test isn’t until next Friday and her transplant nurses have advised me to hold off on making any more bookings until we know what’s going on. There are pretty much two possibilities: stenosis is a narrowing of the veins and would require just monitoring at this point; the other possibility is thrombus, small clots due to turbulent flow. If it’s the latter option, Addison might need blood thinners and that opens up a whole new world of medical management.

So there is a little speed bump on the way to Italy. It doesn’t look like a big one, and even if it is, we’ll find the detour even if it takes longer to get there.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

(ps My computer is having a meltdown hence the lack of pictures in ths post. More photos later!)

2 thoughts on “Speed bump on the road to Italy

  1. Hi Elaine. Sorry to hear about this set back in your plans. It is hard to get into the new “normal” – whatever normal is. You will get there. You know you are in good hands! While Italy is calling, you’ve got the best little gift ever. Enjoy your sweet little girl!

  2. Oh boy! Never a dull moment!!!! Well, no matter what you can still use all your research to go, even of you have to delay your trip a little…..it is definitely reassuring that Addie’s medical team is closely monitoring her regularly!

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