Trip to the Aquarium

Since Elaine’s computer crashed (again) there are no pictures in her latest missive.   I thought I would help out by posting a little video of our first trip to the Aquarium.  It was a big day for us. Taking Addison out into the public has always been a bit of a sensitive subject around our house.   Too many kids are never a good thing with an immune compromised toddler.   But, you can’t live your life in a bubble, so we took the plunge… so to speak.   Maybe a little young to appreciate the biodiversity on display, but she was reasonably interested at a couple of the displays.   The belugas though was a different story.  As the Raffi song goes….Baby Beluga….whatever!

5 thoughts on “Trip to the Aquarium

  1. Nice video! Love the Bobs and Lolo music too! The whale you filmed is Qila — she and Elaine bonded one late afternoon/early evening when Elaine was waiting to film a clip for Global and decided to hang out by the belugas. Qila came up and spat water on her a few times. 🙂 It’s actually rare that Qila does that without being prompted, so I’m pretty sure she just really liked Elaine (or thought it would be funny if Elaine was all wet while doing her stand-up). 🙂 Sounds like you guys are handling the bumps in the road pretty well these days! Hang in there!

  2. Super cute video!!!! Addie seems relatively interested…maybe not in the belugas, but that’s ok!!!!!! Love the music choice! 🙂 thx for sharing!!

    • watched all three….it has been a rough week on the nasty news trial and the laughing addie cheered me up so much and also brought a tear to my eye….a good tear. thanks y’all

  3. I have been following the tiny light blog as well as addison’s since you guys had said you had gone to a tiny light photo shoot. i finally came across addsions photos and story! The pictures are sooo cute! Glad to know the princess is doing so well!

  4. What a wonderful adventure at the Aquarium! The time will come for Baby Beluga in the future I am sure. One day we will have to take the kids together.

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