Rash rash go away

Nothing like a piece of toast to keep me busy

Nothing like a little hydrocortisone to work wonders on baby eczema. Addison’s face rash is virtually non-existent now that I have given up on more ‘natural’ remedies and gone with the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals. Plus a visit with her dermatologist yesterday (yes, she has yet another medical expert to add to the team roster) confirmed I can slather on hydrocortisone as often as needed. I had heard a lot of warnings from other parents and even medical professionals about the dangers of too much hydrocortisone. Apparently, that is only when it is used in extra strength concentrations for a long extended period of time. According to the paediatric skin doctor, organ transplant patients seem to have more issues with eczema. She has a few transplant kids on her patient list and now Addison.

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And an update on those Tacrolimus levels – I know you have all been waiting with bated breath. Yay!! Blood tests last week have the little princess at 8.3!!! I guess the monstrous dose is doing the trick. Her cardiologist is happy with that number so we are staying the course. For Addison, this means three weeks without an arm poke.

Tomorrow morning, we have the ultrasound of her neck veins to see what’s happening and if there could be a reason for Addison’s puffy face. Hoping for some more good news from that hospital visit so we can get back on track to Italy. Small steps!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS  Yesterday was 9 big months post-transplant!!

4 thoughts on “Rash rash go away

  1. Good news McYong family…hang in there…hopefully a short delay with the Italy trip… btw Addison couldn’t be any cuter…collective
    ‘ aaaahhhh ‘ each time you post pics ❤

  2. So thankful to hear about those tac levels!!!!!!! Hallelujah! And hydrocortisone-my best friend!!!!!! I have used it all my life too…and look how normal I turned out!!! Haha! Love the slide show pics of her wanting the blackberry! Tech baby!!!! Crossing fingers for her neck ultrasound!

  3. Hey! i’ve played the “gimme that blackberry” game with my nanny’s (babysitter’s) baby! Pretty, pretty, shinny, shiny! Hopefully after addy was done with it, it was still in one piece (mine usually isn’t). Glad to hear that her eczema is cleared up, it’s no fun to have! And 9 months post transplant, WOW! Pretty big milestone if you ask me! Good luck with the neck ultrasound!

  4. I can’t believe how big she is since we saw you in November! They just want to be little grown ups don’t they – the mobile phone and also the car keys around here are a big draw. It’s amazing we haven’t lost either of them yet or had them go in the toilet.

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