Happy 10 months!

10 months, 5/6 of a year, 306 days, 7344 hours – happy birthday baby girl!!

Addison’s new tricks this month:

❤ lots of rolling around, including the change table!

❤ sliding around the floor on her tummy backwards

❤ loving finger foods (especially mashing up lasagna in her hair)

❤ lots of chatting and talking, growling too

❤ flipping pages in her favourite books, lifting the flaps in those lift-the-flap books

❤ two upper teeth coming in (but they aren’t the two front teeth, they are the ‘fang’ teeth!)

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It is getting a lot harder to take her monthly photos since she doesn’t cooperate and lie there nicely with Muk-muk next to her. She loves thrashing poor little Muk-muk around. The little princess also thinks it’s an opportune time to practise rolling around on to her tummy. Just wait until she starts walking!!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Happy 10 months!

  1. Super friggin cute!!!!!! It’s amazing to see how she has grown and developed! Love how she interacts with muk-muk now! 🙂 maybe next month the pics will be her crawling!!!

  2. Muk Muk certainly appears to be getting a thrashing! Good job with all those new tricks to keep mommy and daddy on their toes. Our change table became a cushion on the floor for awhile after too much flipping and scooting backwards off the edge.
    Happy 10 months!!!

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