Happy ❤ Day

Fine...one smile...that's all you get.

Instead of celebrating a commercialized Hallmark occasion, we are calling today Happy Heart Day! February is Heart and Stroke month anyhow so I think it is rather appropriate.

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For some heartwarming reading, Addison’s superstar transplant surgeon was on the front page of the Vancouver Sun today (Dr. Sanjiv Gandhi leads the revolution in caring for B.C.’s tiniest hearts). There is even a picture of Dr. Gandhi with another little patient named Addison. Who knew Addison was such a popular name?

Happy Heart Day (or Valentine’s Day for those of you who can’t let go)!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Happy ❤ Day

  1. A very Happy HEART day to you all, Elaine, Aaron and Addison. Addison looks absolutely beautiful and very healthy at heart! Xo

  2. Oh she is friggin adorable!!!! Love mr. Heart! (even if Addie doesn’t)! great to see that dr. Ghandi is getting great positive press! He deserves it!!!!

  3. How is it that Addison gets cuter with each day? Such amazing change each time I see her! Grace & Calym love love loved the potty laugh video!!!

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