Ciao Italy!

Italy here we come!! Addison’s cardiologist has given us the all-clear to go on our first airplane trip with the little princess. Dr. Human isn’t too concerned with the results of her ultrasound last week and said the damage to her subclavian (the main vein to the arm) and jugular veins is to be expected from her time on ECMO. He says she has good collateral circulation that has formed to take over the blood flow and that should keep improving with time. She may be more susceptible to puffiness depending on her body position, which makes sense as to why she looks the worst in the mornings when it flares up.

It is such a relief to be able to continue planning our trip, not only because I have always wanted to go to Italy, but for the milestone it marks in our baby girl’s life. It wasn’t that long ago when I was not able to even think beyond the next hour in her life. Getting through each day was such a monumental milestone.

While I am thoroughly enjoying my fantasies about a few nights at some Tuscan farmhouse apartment or a Florence pied-a-terre, planning a trip with a child who has a medical binder several inches thick is not that simple. We have already looked up all the paediatric hospitals in Italy – in case you are curious the one in Florence does cardiac care and the one in Rome does transplants. There is also a major mental hurdle for us because we won’t be a 15-min drive or quick phone call away from Addison’s medical team. Aaron has talked me down from the ledge a couple of times already.

But every journey begins with a single step, so Italy here we come!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS: Note from Addison – Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!! Love from your little princess

6 thoughts on “Ciao Italy!

  1. So wonderful that travel plans are going to happen for you! And yes, I’m envious of a trip to Italy…have a great time, take lots of pictures.
    Is it possible for you to have a Skype connection with Addison’s medical team to home while travelling, using an ipad or tablet or something? Likewise do they (medical folks) and or Children’s have specific contacts in Italy that could be part of your back up plan? Likewise would links to or folders on an ipad allow for you to build a travelling medical file for Addison instead of the worry of having to carry a lot of paperwork?
    We enjoy receiving and reading your blog and seeing Addison pictures!
    happy planning and happy travelling!

  2. So Happy for you all, This is great news. And will be waiting to see all the wonder full pictures on your much deserved vacation ❤ " Happy Anniversary "

  3. so happy you are getting away. She has changed and I have suddenly noticed those long eyelashes ! Enjoy yourselves and come back with lots of wonderful memories and pictures…

  4. So thrilled for all of you. Italy is wonderful. Joe and I went on our honeymoon there and really enjoyed it. Have a great trip!

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