Cold, cold go away

Oh no...not again!

It had to happen at some point. Living in a bubble with an immunosuppressed child is not realistic so we knew Addison would get sick one day. We just wanted it to be pushed back as far as possible. Well, that day is here. After a very long night of waking and crying (which the princess thankfully never does), Addison got up up Monday morning with a runny noses and lots of sneezes. Her first cold has arrived.

With a lower white blood cell count than other babies, it has been drilled into our heads Addison will get sicker than normal babies and take longer to recover. Some routine childhood illnesses, for example chicken pox, will likely require hospitalization and could make her gravely ill, even life-threatening. That is why we try to be as vigilant as possible about spending time with sick friends and family members. It isn’t always easy, especially in the middle of winter when it seems as if everyone has the sniffles, but our loved ones have been so understanding about our unique situation.

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So now Addison is facing her first little battle with a cold. She seems to be taking it like a trouper without much complaint. She isn’t eating as much as usual, she’s breastfeeding more, not sleeping very well, a little tired and clingy, and super snotty and sneezy. She definitely HATES having her nose wiped, which is really unfortunate since I am doing it at least once every couple of minutes. But like all things big and small she has faced in her short life so far, she’s not slowing down much at all.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Cold, cold go away

  1. So sad to hear the princess has a cold! The pics are so cute…her red nose……but she looks warmly bundled up (Lao Lao and gong gong would approve!) and is def well-taken care of!!! Hang in there Addie!!!!!! (and mama and dada!)

  2. Hello,
    My about-to-be-9-year-old son had a heart transplant when he was an infant, and so I was very intrigued when I came across your blog detailing recent events in Addison’s life. I am so happy that she was able to receive a heart, and that she is doing so well. She is a beautiful girl who is sure to bring you much joy for many many years to come. Thank you for sharing her story —
    it’s important to let people know that organ donation works. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their experiences, however (including myself, as a failed attempt on 60-Minutes shows!), so to have such eloquent people sharing their story is very welcome. Best wishes to your family and I hope Addison’s cold disappears quickly!

  3. Hang in there you guys! Little Miss definitely looks like she feels yucky!!!
    Sending you our very best for a speedy recovery (for everyone!)
    Melissa Dennis Grace & Calym

  4. Elaine, you have summarized in a nutshell the sick kid…I especially identify with the clingy-ness and change in appetite. Neena’s had 3 episodes of bronchiolitis since starting daycare, but man, try telling a one year old she needs to rest!
    Good to hear about the tac levels (I’ve been reading ahead).

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