Addison’s 30th echocardiogram today!

Why is it always snowy on the Wednesdays we have to get to transplant clinic? We finally made it to Children’s Hospital, a little late. Our cardiac sonographer just told us this is Addison’s 30th echocardiogram today! She has been quite cooperative ever since the first round of tests, though now we have to work a little harder at keeping her busy body occupied. Rice crackers, the iPad and Baby Einstein videos help a lot.

By the way, the little princess is feeling a lot better after a little run-in with her first cold. She is still congested and a bit snotty but definitely cheerier. Yay!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Addison’s 30th echocardiogram today!

  1. Way to go Addison and parents….you’ve overcome yet another hurdle…..the common cold that will visit you for many years to come once she enters the school system 😉 You are one cute tough fortune cookie Addie ❤

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