Happy Tac Dance!

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Finally we are scoring some points in the Tac battle! Addison’s latest round of blood work has her Tacrolimus level at 9.2! Yeah!!!! Hip hip hooray! Remember, the goal is around 10 for first year post-transplant and I think we may have finally gotten there. At least for now. As you know, the little princess definitely likes to keep things interesting so my theory is it doesn’t really count until we get two results in a row at 10 +/- 1. But we will take it.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Happy Tac Dance!

  1. That’s awesome news……hopefully things are going to get more stabilized now and the holiday plans are underway…viva la vida ❤

  2. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief!!!!!! It’s so cute to see Addie’s growing chubby cheeks and all her cheeky grins and poses! Love the first pic in the sideshow-not getting what she wants when she wants it! Ha!

  3. Glad Addison is getting over her cold and that her Tac level is good. Dahlia had her first transplant clinic today. It looks like we will be dealing with the same thing; her Tac levels were down today. We are slowly learning the ropes of this new journey.

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