Heart to Heart this Saturday – Wanna join me?

On top of dealing with a snotty 10-month old who really protests vociferously at the sight of a tissue coming towards her nose, I have been wrestling with a gooey mess of a different kind – putting together a 25 minute presentation for this Saturday’s Heart + Lung Health Public Forum. I am supposed to talk about Addison’s story and also impart words of wisdom regarding what I have learned about navigating the healthcare system.

Remember, as a TV reporter I am used to dealing with 2 minute chunks of information. Maybe 4 or 5 minutes for a really special extra in-depth look at a certain topic, but that is pretty rare. So suffice to say I am brutally good at whittling something down to a short and sweet sentiment. At the most, a 10-minute speech is at the upper range of my comfort zone. But it was only after I agreed to be a guest speaker at the Public Forum did I learn I would need to fill nearly half an hour!  That is an eternity in TV land. Hey, that’s even longer than a sitcom episode!

Thank goodness for Powerpoint and Aaron’s excellent video diary…hopefully that will make those 20-25 minutes whizz by. If you are looking for something to do this Saturday March 10, register for the Health Forum. Aaron and I will both be there. It’s FREE and don’t worry, there will be real heart and lung experts to share their wise words, including Addison’s surgeon Dr. Gandhi (who was recently featured on the front page of the Vancouver Sun).


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Heart to Heart this Saturday – Wanna join me?

  1. Dear McYongs …….. so wish we could attend the heart-to-heart. We’re in sunny Arizona with our dish so we never miss Global news and emails from Addison. Thanks again for allowing us to be part of you’all.
    go-canucks-go! I heart you sweet little girlfriend.

  2. What an opportunity to share Addie’s miraculous story. You will do an amazing job, e!!! Wish I could be there!

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