In the ER…again

It is exactly 10 months since Addison’s heart transplant and we are marking the occasion with a visit to the ER. I wish I could say it is a pleasant stroll down memory lane but it is the complete opposite. The little princess has been battling a cold for 11 days now. She has had a little coughing and chest congestion over the past few days and today it seemed a little worse. Then she had diarrhea so the transplant team decided we should come into the ER for a checkup and chest xray. On the way here, she puked too. Nice!

So four hours later, chest xray is clear, heart looks great and now IV antibiotics are on board. Once the meds are done, we should get to go home. Because she is so ‘special’, there is an abundance of caution for any little medical blip. Addison has been a brave little girl as usual, but she is definitely not her usual cheerful self.

We have not been back in the ER since May 2nd last year. That time, we arrived by ambulance and left 4 weeks later with a new heart. This time, we walked in on our own and we should be home soon with just a pack of meds to show for our visit. I was hoping we would make it through her first year post transplant without a hospitalization and we might still get there!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “In the ER…again

  1. Princess Addie is a strong little bugger! I wear that heart necklace everyday to give me strength and remind me of what a miracle she is! Like you said, this is just a little blip in her long, healthy path that lays ahead of her! 🙂

  2. Hang in there and look back on how far you have come in the past 10 months…she has an exceptionally skilled, professional health care team, a supportive extended family and best yet – wonderful loving, attentive parents! Princess Addie will be fine…. her parents however may learn firsthand why those of us that parent children with ‘ exceptional needs ‘ rock the grey hair 😉 ……. myself included ❤

  3. Hello McYongs. So sad to hear you had to go to the ER – but you are quite right, our little princesses are very special people and sometimes this can’t be avoided. At least with transplant, you get rock star treatment when you go to the ER and you get to bi-pass the que! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) membership in this club has its privileges sometimes. Glad to hear it was only the day! Keep up it up! Big celebration coming your way soon!

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