Recovering at home

We are still within reach of my little goal of no hospitalizations within Addison’s first year post-transplant. I don’t really know why I came up with that milestone…I think I read somewhere in an obscure study that paediatric heart transplant patients who aren’t rehospitalized within the first year do better long-term, but I could be imagining that too. At the time, one year just seemed like such a long stretch to get through without any major speed bumps so I thought it would be quite the accomplishment if the little princess stayed healthy.

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The test results have not turned up anything serious, such as the flu, RSV or pneumonia. It’s likely a bronchial infection. We got home late last night armed with a week’s worth of antibiotics. Addison was one sleepy and tired little girl by the end of our ER visit and even with a little bout of vomiting when we arrived home, she went straight to sleep.

This morning, she is still having a little tummy issue, which could be from the antibiotics or her infection. But overall, Addison is definitely feeling better. Lots of happy chatting and book flipping, which is always a good sign.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS Thank you for all your get-well messages of encouragement!

4 thoughts on “Recovering at home

  1. So happy to hear you are home and that antibiotics should do the trick…and that there are no underlying post transplant complications…besides parenting a son with exceptional needs, in a ‘ former life ‘ I was a critical care nurse in a trauma transplant unit in Toronto….so am well acquainted with possible concerns with anti-rejection drugs 😉
    I always look for the silver lining being a glass half full kind of gal… belong to a very exclusive club and yes the club membership criteria sucks …. but you have a rock star medical team and one tough ( very cute) daughter who is a rock star in her own right! Rock on Addie, Elaine and Aaron….we are all rooting for you ❤

  2. So glad to hear Addie is recovering at home now. The pics of her are just too cute in the hospital! She’s dressed too prettily! Ha!

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