Happy 11 months!

Happy 11 months baby girl! We are celebrating another milestone while princess recovers from her cold/infection. She has been doing well since coming home from the ER on Thursday, though the antibiotics have been giving her tummy troubles. As a result, our skinny mini is down more than 1 1/2 pounds in the past couple of weeks. That is a major crash diet for a wee one. Thankfully, none of the cultures of her blood have turned up any sign of a bacterial infection so the paediatrician has told us we can stop the antibiotics. Hopefully, Addison’s tummy will be back to normal in a couple of days so her appetite returns. We are still dealing with a bit of congestion and snottiness but definitely on the mend. Unfortunately, Aaron has caught the bug too!

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I really can’t believe we are approaching Addison’s first birthday. I find myself getting quite emotional when I think about it. I just did not know if we would get this far. We aren’t going to have a big birthday bash – we will be blowing out a birthday candle in Florence on April 12 – but we are planning a huge celebration in May for the 1 year anniversary of her heart transplant.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

One thought on “Happy 11 months!

  1. It’s incredible to see how much she is growing and how absolutely adorable she is! Love these pics from her 11 months!!!!! Gld to hear she is slowly getting better!!!!!

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