Back in the ER for the second time in a week!

So my little dream of getting through Addison’s first year post transplant without hospitalization has disappeared in too many rounds of diarrhea. (Yes there is potty talk in this post.) We are back in the ER tonight because the princess was listless and lethargic today, dusky purplish hands and feet, and diarrhea since Thursday. Dehydration appears to be the culprit. They are getting a room ready for us upstairs in the Children’s Heart Unit for an overnight stay.

The cause of the diarrhea is not as simple a mystery to solve. Blood bacterial infection has been ruled out from Thursday’s tests, which is a good thing. A GI bug or urinary tract infection are both possibilities.

First order of business – get some fluids into Addison. Having watched three heart breaking attempts to put an IV in her little hands and feet, we are now syringing Pedialyte in 5 ml at a time. While she tries to sleep. Up next is a catheter. And a fourth attempt at an IV. Good times ahead!

As Aaron reminded me, Addison has been through a lot worse. And thankfully she won’t remember this either. But I will.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “Back in the ER for the second time in a week!

  1. We will be praying for little Addison. She’s in the best of hands at BCCH. We will be there tomorrow as well. will keep your family on our hearts.

  2. Omg!!!!! I’m so sorry to hear!!! I’m away at grade 3 camp….it was almost a year ago (I was at camp last year) when Addie was born…….we all know she’s a little fighter…..hang in there e & a!!!!

  3. I believe it will turn out well. She (and your whole family) have fought so hard that this is just a tiny bump in the road. Good luck! You guys can do it!


  4. You are in my thoughts Elaine, Aaron and Addie …sending out positive healing vibes to you ❤
    Aaron is right that she has been thru much worse… Hang in there mom and dad…Addison is one tough little cookie and will weather yet another health blip. 🙂

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