“If she was a normal baby, we wouldn’t….BUT…”

…she isn’t. We have heard a lot of that this past week. Transplant kids are “special” and that VIP treatment comes with an abundance of caution from everyone. While other babies would get to recover at home, Addison gets the 5 star red carpet at the hospital.

This means our “get out of jail free” card doesn’t come into effect until tomorrow morning at the earliest so we are bunking down here for at least one more night. Though really, last night barely counts as a night here since no one got to sleep until 4am. An early morning wakeup call with rounds at 7am has made for one very tired baby today. ( And very tired parents.)

Addison seems to be taking in more fluids today and we have had pee, yay! Only two bouts of diarrhea in the past 24 hours…another good sign. Really, we are in the hospital for close monitoring. She isn’t getting any meds or IVs. Just lots of good old fashioned breast milk. That is why Mommy gets to stay with Princess again. Here is to a good night and discharge in the morning! Bottoms up!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on ““If she was a normal baby, we wouldn’t….BUT…”

  1. Glad Addison is improving and ‘ enjoying ‘ her five star treatment…we are so lucky to have BCCH to care for little rock stars like Addie. 🙂
    Hopefully you will soon be home again and no longer subjected to the military precision of rounds and all the nursing schedules and routines….ironic as it might seem hospitals are not set up for much quality sleep or for that matter …. privacy….I can attest to that having worked in them for over 35 years 🙂 Hang in there Elaine and Aaron!

  2. So good to read this as Angel was very worried about Teagan’s best friend, Addison. Angel receives the VIP treatment that lands her in ICU or tcu every hospital stay because she requires ventilation during sleep and has multiple medical needs. As you know, there is never any sleep there, not for patient nor parent. Sometimes VIP treatment has huge drawbacks. Hoping your little sweetheart goes home tomorrow. I know Angel will be very happy to hear if she does. Take care, Cheryl and Angel Magnussen

  3. Average, typical, normal, are all words that sound a bit boring? Having said
    that, a good nights sleep also falls in the normal range. Hang in there, extraordinary has its gifts.

  4. Hi Elaine, Aaron and Addison,

    Never fun to end up back in jail! But, you are where you need to be. Looking forward to reading about Addison’s full recovery. Aloha and love and good energy to all of you for quick healing….and home…

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