Home sweet home – discharged from the hospital

The little princess is at home now from the hospital and hopefully well on her way to recovery. She is drinking better and more importantly peeing better…yay, three cheers for more pee! She is still very lethargic and wants to cuddle all the time (who’s complaining about that?). It’s quite sad to see her looking listless. She has also lost a lot of weight over the past two weeks – 1 kg or 2.2lbs, about 11% of her bodyweight. I can feel her little ribs and her shoulder blades sticking out.

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It appears Addison may have been hit with a common cold bug to start, and then with her weakened immune system she got another kick from a GI bug, which tests have now shown is rotavirus – a very common “stomach flu” virus amongst young children and babies. Our paediatrician has assured us it just takes time to recover and keeping her hydrated is the key. For healthy kids, rotavirus sticks around for about a week. For transplant kids such as Addison, tack on a few more days. The diarrhea hasn’t stopped yet but we should start to see some improvement in the next few days.

While the care at BC Children’s Hospital is second to none, there is no place like home! Hoping for lots of good rest for the princess through the weekend. After all, 27 days until we are scheduled to leave for Italy!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

7 thoughts on “Home sweet home – discharged from the hospital

  1. Who’s tired and cranky in that photo? Addison? Or Aaron? Ha ha! I’m glad your girl is on the mend. I hope she gains the weight back soon! xo

  2. So relieved to see she’s back at home! Hope aaron is also feeling better…… It’s amazing to hear about all the incredible support she has at the hospital! Go Addie-drink and pee!!!! 🙂

  3. So glad that you are back home – There is no place like home….
    Now it is time for everyone to get some rest…..

  4. Glad to hear you are home and Addie is on the mend…drink and pee lots… not sure if that was meant for Addie or a subliminal message for her parents… ;)) Rest up…..Firenze is getting oh so close 🙂 ciao ❤

  5. Wow Elaine, what a month you’ve had…so sorry to hear the cold and tummy bugs are making the rounds through your household too. My sister’s little boy has been in the ER 4 times with RSV and breathing difficulties this month and he’s a strapping 10 kilo 6 month old. It must be the season for it, because we had a tummy bug that hit Neena and Kirby, but thankfully I was spared. I wonder…did you end up doing your 25 minute presentation? Or were you stuck in the ER?

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