The slow road to recovery

Addison has now been sick for more than four weeks. It kind of feels like an eternity. Last year, she was in the hospital for four weeks getting a new heart. Not saying that was easier but recovering from near heart failure and a transplant seemed to progress in leaps and bounds. Now, it’s more like a sloth crawling excruciatingly slowly from branch to branch. Have you seen how slow they can move??

Mmmmm...sushi! My first taste!

On the positive side, the princess is regaining some of her energy and more importantly her appetite. The diarrhea seems to be trickling to an end. Yay! But there is always something with Addison! She has been crankier than usual today (two screaming fits already, very atypical for her) and her mood swings from cantankerous to cheery with no apparent rhyme or reason.

Well, there is always a reason. We just don’t know what it is. So there are a few possibilities – why keep it simple when complicated is so much more fun? Her dose of domperidone (to keep her from vomiting after meals) could be too high, causing tummy problems. The domperidone could be affecting her Tacrolimus levels, which is toxic when too high. Maybe she has secondary lactose intolerance from the rotavirus. Or perhaps we can blame teething – her two top front teeth are pushing their way through.

Love cuddling with Gong-gong

Sigh! It has been trying for all of us. And to add extra pressure to the recovery time, we are now less than two weeks from our supposed departure to Italy. We are still forging ahead as if we are going as planned. 13 days is a long time in a 1 year old’s life!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “The slow road to recovery

  1. One step at a time for Princess Addie……good to hear that the road is less bumpy for now… 🙂 🙂 🙂 Always sending positive energy and thoughts!

  2. I am keeping you in my prayers that Addison is on the road to recovery and you will be able to enjoy the Tuscan sun. You all deserve a holiday.

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