Yeah Team Addison! Thanks for the love and support at the Transplant Trot

The little princess thoroughly enjoyed her rock star status this morning at the First Annual Transplant Trot around Burnaby Lake. She even received a medal for being the youngest transplant recipient at the event. We were fully supported by Team Addison – thanks to all the family,friends and colleagues who came out to be part of the team. We forgot to get a team picture, but we’ll definitely remember next year.

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It was inspiring to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who are part of the extended transplant family. We saw many familiar faces and a few new ones too. I’d like to share with you one very special story – Simone Harty is a donor mom. She donated her son’s organs after he was fatally injured in a motorcycle crash. Elliott was 17-years old. Click HERE to read the story in the Burnaby Now. We met Simone several months ago and we are so honoured to know her.

Please, register to be an organ donor and talk about your wishes with your family!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “Yeah Team Addison! Thanks for the love and support at the Transplant Trot

  1. The OR staff would like to apologize for not getting our team together to join you. I just found out about it from your message the other day, and I tried to rally the troups but most everyone had plans already including me.
    We are so sorry we missed the inagural event. Hopefully we can put it together for next year!

  2. What a fabulous way to enlighten and educate the general public on organ donation. Would have definitely participated if I lived in the lower mainland. I have seen many sides of the transplant issue…having nursed both the critically injured potential donor and the transplant recipient…also have 2 friends who were given a 2nd chance at life…one a new mom who received heart double lung after severe complications during her pregnancy- she lived on to see her baby enter high school before she passed away from complex health issues…the other a nursing classmate who required a liver transplant by our 10th class reunion in 1984 … she has been leading a very healthy life since and participates in marathons, cycling and climbs up Mt. Kilimanjaro with transplant survivors 🙂 The real silver lining of her experience is she now acts as a nurse – liaison transplant coordinator and is able to use her experiences to support others…Our family has had the difficult conversation about transplant…it is something I strongly support and I am so pleased to see Addy looking so well…all bunnied up in her snow suit…may she have fewer health blips as she grows older and may she ‘ live long and prosper ‘ ( sorry you can’t see my hand in the Vulcan sign for that 😉 ) ❤ and hugs to Addison

  3. Thank you to Team Addison for being out in full force at the first annual Transplant Trot. Can’t wait to see you all there next year! Thanks for the support and love that rock star Addison!
    Margaret Benson (race director and double lung recipient)

  4. So glad ti see and hear what a great success the walk was!!!! LOved all the pink!!! Tshirts were super cute too!!! I still wear the original team Addison shirt often!

    Raising awareness of organ donation is important!!!!

  5. Elaine, Aaron and Addison,

    I just want to say thank you so much for the kind words and tribute to Elliott, I so hope that his recipients are able to lead as full a life as those who joined us for the trot!
    As I do not know Elliott’s recipients, it very special for me to see and celebrate the success of organ donation through the lives of Addison and others. It was wonderful having you out there and seeing Addison “snug as a bug in a rug” (Englishism aka cosy) with her parents and supporters trotting along with her.
    Together we can show the many faces of organ donation and I am thrilled to learn that there has been record breaking registration following the run. See you next year if not sooner.

    Simone and angel Elliott

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