A green light means GO – Italy here we come!

The doctors are happy, the tests looks great, there is no more diarrhea and the princess is gaining weight like crazy –  it’s official Italy here we come! Woohoo!! I am finally letting myself get excited about our first big trip as a family. We leave one week from today so there is a lot that needs to be done in the next 7 days. Aaron has been busy MacGyver-ing a bomb-proof solution for carrying on 3 weeks worth of medication. He has been at MEC several times in the past week, including right now.

Addison is up to 8.5kg now, which is about 300g short of her pre-illness weight. She has packed on 1kg in the past 2 weeks! Judging by the amount of sweet potatoes, bananas and avocados she has been shovelling in at every meal, no big surprise there. Plus she is just downright cheery. We kind of forgot how happy she normally is because she was miserable for so long.

It has also been an emotional time as we approach Addison’s 1 year birthday on April 12. Every once in a while, I look at her and marvel at how much life she has and just how she seems to enjoy every moment of being alive. It’s so hard to believe how far she has come. Aaron and I have been working on our letter to the donor family for the past several months with the goal of having it finished by Addison’s first birthday. We didn’t intend to take this long to finish it, but even as journalists, we are at a loss for words. How do you thank someone for the ultimate gift of life? Everything sounds so completely lame.

Compared to that monumental task, the business of packing for a 3 week trip with a 1 year old is downright simple.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

10 thoughts on “A green light means GO – Italy here we come!

  1. Fantastico….buon voyaggio…..
    So happy that Addie is over her health blip and the 3 of you will soon be jet-setting to Italia…I am so envious….I ❤ Italy and have many wonderful memories of my time there 🙂 Stay well and pack 'light' so you bring back some of their fabulous shoes and bags and of course cute clothes for your bellissima bambina. ❤

  2. That is the Best news ever!!! We are so glad she is doing good and you have to take lots of pictures of your trip 🙂 A lost for words is correct and i know what ever you come up with they will love it and Cherish it forever ❤ Addison that smile is so cute and glad we get to see all the happy Photo's of you … wtg. Have a great trip and we will see you when you get back 🙂

  3. Congrats! Soooo happy to hear the news! You are going to have a wonderful time! She is gonna gain even more weight with all the fresh pasta, cheeses, ham, gelato,… And of course mummy and daddy too 😉

  4. Oops sent that accidentally! Soooooo great that little addie is gaining weight like a champ! (thanhs to gong gong’s creations, right?) love seeing how happy and cheerful she is on Skype! Yeah Italy!!!!!! How exciting…. Your first trip overseas as a family!!!! Addie’s one year bday!!!!!

    Ive been thinking about your letter to the donor family……..no matter what you say, I am confident you and aaron will put something more than appropriate together.

    Good luck.

    Love you guys!!!!

  5. Pasta and pizza here you come…Addison will have no problems gaining back that last 300g! Have a beautiful Italian family holiday and happy 1st birthday little girl.

  6. Having travelled with a daughter with special needs for many years, here are a couple tips, be sure all perscriptions have their proper labels, all syringes are properlly labelled and if you need freezer packs, check with the airline first.

  7. Hi Elaine, here are a few tips. We pack all meds and medical equipment on board so it won’t get lost. We always get an updated pediatrician letter stating her need to have diabetic testing equipment and sharps in case we are questioned. We also carry an updated a letter stating her medical diagnoses including a list of current and PRN medications. We take copies of all recent medical test results and names/ numbers of all specialists. We take just-in-case antibiotics as well. We take spares of all needed med equipment parts and take an extension cord as well. When we took a.short cruise to DL we prewarned the ships medical staff as to her needs. I don’t know if Addison has any metal implants or cardiac device’s but Angel had a reveal implant in her chest which also meant not going through their regular scanners at the airport due to the metal. the getting organized is always insane but once you are on your way you will have a blast!! We look forward to reading your posts about Italy.

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