Happy Easter from our little bunny!

I thought this was Addison’s first Easter, but when I checked the calendar I realized it is actually her second Easter weekend. She was less than two weeks old the first time, which is probably why I don’t remember. A week later, we rushed her to the hospital.

There is no Easter egg hunt for the princess and no chocolates (those are all for Mommy). She is perfectly happy with her bottomless cup full of Cheerios. Aaaaah…gotta love those Cheerios. They better sell giant boxes in Italy!

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Hope you enjoy a great weekend with family.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

11 thoughts on “Happy Easter from our little bunny!

  1. Happy Easter to you too!! She is adorable in those bunny ears! Enjoy everything while you can … wait until she’s older and won’t let you put anything on her head!

  2. I found the most adorable eggs for hunting at WalMart of all places. They are large, plastic eggs and when you push a button on the side they call out, “I’m over here!”. When you find them and open them up there are no edible treats inside, instead a little lamb or chick squeaks out,”You found me!”. It’s what we use at our house, you only need a few to make it fun! Happy Easter!

  3. OMG….if that is not the cutest bunny I have ever seen…you rock those ears Addie…have a wonderful Easter…stay happy and healthy…Tuscan sunshine awaits you three ❤

  4. Happy Easter to the mcyongs!!! These pics are so wonderful!!!! Love how you capture the time and effort it took to get that money shot with ears and incredible toothy grin on!!!! 🙂 you should take a family pic with ears on all of you! Ha!

  5. That is one cute long eared critter! Neena enjoyed dyeing hard boiled eggs for the first time this Easter…and of course dyeing fingers and clothes too with Mo-Mom (what she calls my mom) here to enjoy the festivities.

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