Logistics of lugging a baby overseas

Last clinic visit before Italy!

While the purpose of this blog is to share Addison’s journey through life with a heart transplant, I am going to deviate and write about traveling with a baby. This is unchartered territory for Aaron and I, but we are looking forward to the challenges and rewards!

The first thing we have changed about our usual holiday itinerary is to stay in each location for longer. I am the kind of gal who gets restless when visiting a foreign country because I like to cram in as much as I can, unless it’s a tropical beach destination. In Italy, we have three weeks. Only five stops. And the furthest two places (Montepulciano and Venice) are just 265km apart. I also haven’t really planned much of anything. This is very unlike me and anyone who has been witness to my usual travel style will gasp with amazement. Yes, I have virtually NO PLANS! Oh yeah, there is one plan – eat gelato every single day.

Hope these will keep the princess entertained on our flights

The other difference this time around is the type of accommodations. I usually try to find interesting and local little establishments to frequent, but with Addison (who is a very loud sleeper at night), bunking down in a typical hotel room would not be restful for anyone except Aaron, who pretty much sleeps through anything. Instead, my goal was to find apartments, villas and other self-catering accommodations that would have a kitchen, a washing machine, a crib and at least one bedroom. I am most excited about the beautiful stone villa near Bologna and the apartment with a view of Montepulciano.

Aaron's Pelican case for Addison's meds

Then there is the gear. Wow, babies need a lot of stuff. In our travels BB (before baby), Aaron and I got pretty good at minimal packing. That’s all out the window now. Here is a list of our essential travel gear for Addison:

– Pelican case for medicine carry-on

– car seat (we are renting a car for most of the trip)

Guzzie+Gus 104 umbrella stroller (lightweight with a full recline for naps on the go)

Phil&Ted’s Metoo folding high chair

Potette travel potty

– a few new books and small toys that don’t make noise for the plane ride

The stash of gear so far - all for Addison

As backup to Addison’s medication supply, we have a few capsules of Tacrolimus which we can mix up into a liquid solution in case of emergencies. We will also leave a supply here at home so my parents can either courier it to us overnight, or bring it with them when they join us in Italy for the last nine days of the trip. We are also traveling with a travel letter from the transplant team which details Addison’s drug regimen.

Note the baby Gravol!

For luggage, we have one rolling duffel bag and a rolling backpack-style carry-on size bag. We will each have a backpack to bring on the plane, including the Baby Sherpa diaper backpack.

I am having a tough time paring down my camera equipment to just one lens. I will definitely bring the 16-50mm f2.8 but I really want to bring the 50-135mm f2.8 too! We will also bring our Canon G12 for the quick and easy shots plus HD video. I think I will wait until everything else is packed before making the final decision on this one.

Ok, time to do some more packing!

Pretty excited about tasting gelato and real Italian pasta


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Logistics of lugging a baby overseas

  1. Addie looks adorable in all these shots! She def looks ready for her first overseas trip!!! Ben and I are literally just coming back from our holiday (on airport express into town) and we were just commenting on how next time we are there, we will have so much more stuff and more than half will be for the baby!!!! How exciting fur you guys!!!! Keep in touch!!! Enjoy all the Italian foods!

  2. A+ for planning / logistics….it will all be worth it once you arrive in Italy…..wishing you a restful yet energy restoring trip….buon voyaggio ….. stare bene ❤

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