What a year…Addison is officially 1 year old!

Today, Addison reaches a major milestone in her life – her first birthday. This is a huge celebration for any little person, but I think it’s fair to say it’s extra special for our little princess. One year ago, we welcomed her into our world expecting a lifetime full of nothing but joy and happiness – except for maybe some teenage angst down the road. Well of course our story has not been quite that simple.

We have lived through the most amazing highs, yet we have also made it through the darkest depths. It hasn’t always been easy – there have been  times when I have cried and wondered why Addison can’t be like any other normal baby. But it has made us look at life with new appreciation. We know now just how important it is to truly cherish every moment together. Every day Addison makes us laugh and smile, and sometimes gnash our teeth in frustration. She is growing up so quickly. When she was just a few weeks old and fighting for her life in the ICU, we already saw her strong-willed and stubborn personality shining through (Aaron insists she’s gotten that characteristic from me). Now that she is getting more mobile and better at communicating, she really doesn’t hesitate to let us know what she is thinking.

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People who meet Addison often tell us she is an “old soul”. There is something wise and worldly in her eyes…not surprising considering all that she has lived through in her first 12 months. She continues to inspire and amaze us with her strength and tenacity. We can’t wait to see what she is able to accomplish as she grows up.

We have learned so much from Addison this past year. She has also introduced us to many wonderful people who have been such pillars of support and strength. She has showed us how the strength of family can help us get through anything.

We are so very fortunate to be Addison’s parents.

Happy birthday to our beautiful baby girl!!


Mommy and Daddy

PS We should be getting settled in our little apartment in Florence as you read this. We promise to update as soon as we can!

9 thoughts on “What a year…Addison is officially 1 year old!

  1. Happy birthday princess Addie!!!! You are one special girl who has inspired and given strength and hope to so many people arounds the world. Love seeing your true personality shining through….I agree- def has mummy’s influence!!!! 🙂 have a wonderful celebration in Italy!!!!! Looking forward to seeing all the pics and traveling with you through your blogs and pics!!! Happy 1 year birthday!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Addison!! Your Mom is right, you are an amazing and strong little girl who has inspired so many of us. Enjoy your birthday trip, may it be the start of a new tradition for the family. Love, Meaghan, Paul and Alex

  3. Happy 1 st Birthday to the little princess!! She truly is an amazing little girl! Enjoy celebrating in Italy ow! How very special for you all. Can’t wait to see pics. Praying that all goes well 🙂

  4. I’m sticking up for my friend here…Elaine’s not stubborn, she’s a very good communicator, and sounds like Addison is also. 🙂 Have a beautiful Italian experience you guys and yay for all three of you for accomplishing the one year milestone!

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