Meandering around Montepulciano

Our first taste of Tuscany! Addison is enjoying her introduction to la dolce vita, even if she still does not seem too fond of gelato.

We are staying in an apartment in a country house just at the foot of Montepulciano – famous for its wines.

While the princess ate pasta and frittata for lunch, we chowed down on a huge piece of Florentine steak…still bloody in the middle.

Addison was not too impressed that one of the “Twilight” movies was filmed in Montepulciano’s main square.

We gave gelato another try today…pistachio and hazelnut. Still no go for the princess.

Tomorrow, maybe a wine tasting or two (at least for Daddy).

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Meandering around Montepulciano

  1. Sounds like fun!!!!!! Not a horrible thing that the princess does not like gelato…you can just have more to yourselves!!!!!! She looks adorable bundled in her blanket hanging around Tuscany! 🙂

  2. Bet you are getting a lot of attention with Princess Addison accompanying you…Italians so love their bei bambinis and Addie would be an exotic in their eyes….bambina molto bella ❤

  3. A girl can survive on gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner…I did my own experiment when I was in Italy. I’m sure Addison will come to her senses!!! Coconut…try coconut, it’s the best.

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