Ciao Tuscany!

Despite mostly rainy cool days in Tuscany, we are sad to say ciao to the beautiful Val d’Orcia area around Montepulciano. On our way to Verona today, we stopped in Arezzo for a quick stroll and lunch.

After multiple attempts at gelato, I think the princess is starting to enjoy it! This little shop in Arezzo had the best tasting flavours so far.

We went to Siena yesterday and while the main square, Il Campo, is beautiful with its sloped seashell design, we think our little corner of Tuscany further south is even better. Could have been the pouring rainstorm or the hordes of French schoolkids (spring break?) but we didn’t linger too long.

Montepulciano in the sunshine – our view this morning as we were leaving.

Addison likes sharing her food with Mommy and Daddy.

And an update on Addison’s little cousin…his name is Luca! So very Italian even though he is part Canadian, Chinese, Spanish and Belgian. Definitely an international little guy. He is doing really well and so is my sister Sonya. She may be home from the hospital by the weekend. Luca will probably have to stay for around 3 weeks. Welcome Luca!!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Ciao Tuscany!

  1. Your trip sounds fabulous….making me reminisce about our stay in Italy ❤ So happy that all is going well and that Addison is learning to love la dolce vita 🙂 Luca is such a handsome name…he will thrive and enjoy having parent and extended family who will teach him to embrace multi-ethnicity and multi-culturalism…what a lucky little boy! A toast to you and yours….' here's to good health and much happiness in your family '
    Ciao for now….

  2. Sounds like a great trip so far-so busy even eith Addison!!! She looks super happy-already used to traveling the works!!!! Glad she’s starting to enjoy gelato…although that means you now have to share!!!!! What’s the best flavor si far??? Thx for the blurb about us here!!!! Hopefully now with mummy’s painfully-expressed milk (with pure love), luca will be able to tolerate it and start gaining weight… 🙂

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