Addison has new Italian grandparents in Treviso!

The best part about traveling is connecting with wonderful people. Today we got to introduce Addison to our Italian friend Davide and his family. They live in Treviso, about 35km from Venice.

Davide was one of three Olympic volunteers who stayed at our house in February 2010 while Aaron and I were working in Whistler. We have kept in touch with Davide and had planned to come see him last June on our first international trip with Addison. Of course that was cancelled, or I really should say it was postponed, because today we finally made it!

Addison thoroughly enjoyed her fun day with the Tortora family. She is usually quite wary of strangers but Papi and Mami Tortora had her smiling and giggling in no time.
She loved seeing the beautiful old city centre of “Little Venice”, as Treviso is called. It has canals too and is famous as the home of Benetton.
Aaron and I especially enjoyed the amazing seafood pasta lunch at a local restaurant.
But of course the best part was seeing Davide and meeting his parents and two sisters. It was a definite highlight of our trip and now Addison can say she has Italian grandparents too!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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