Ciao Italy!

It took Addison a few tries at gelato, but now she is an ice cream lovin’ fool. As soon as she sees that little gelato spoon, she gets very excited. Pistacchio, nocciola, limone…does not matter. The princess loves it all.

Tonight is our final night in Italy. We have had a really great three weeks. For the first time, it was like we had a ‘normal’ healthy baby. There were moments when I even kind of forgot our daughter is a heart transplant recipient!

Traveling with Addison had been so rewarding, even though it has been quite a departure from our usual vacation. She has been pretty easygoing and cheerful about the long days, meals on the go, shortened naps and potty in the parking lots.

I have learned to try and slow down and just enjoy the moments. Maybe I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to see, or taste all the things on my list, but it has been perfect…at least mostly perfect!

Early tomorrow morning we say ciao to Italy and to my parents, who have been a huge help with keeping the princess happy and entertained this past week. They go on to Turkey and Greece while we fly back home.

Grazie Italy!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Ciao Italy!

  1. Glad to here you’re having such a well deserved FAB time. Many heart filled thanks for taking the time and sending encouraging support to our latest ECLS family. We applaud your generosity of heart!

  2. It ‘ heartens ‘ me to hear you have had a fabulous….relaxing yet energizing trip to Italy ( sorry I couldn’t resist the shameless pun)….and that the little Princess now has a ❤ of gelato…like the rest of us 😉 Continued good health and happiness to the McYongs….

  3. What a wonderful holiday/the first of many international adventures with the princess!!!!! Have a safe trip home!!!

  4. Wish I was there with you. Did Addie like the pigeons in Venice? So very happy for you that your trip was successful. Welcome home.

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