Another Vancouver family joins the transplant roller coaster ride

It’s not a club anyone ever chooses to join, but life doesn’t always work out the way you planned. Right now, another Vancouver family is hoping and praying for a miracle for their little 6-month old baby girl – a second chance at life. Sweet Maya has been fighting for her life for the past week in the BC Children’s Hospital ICU. Her only hope for long-term survival is a new heart.

Brent and Lisa with Maya, taken a week and a half ago

Maya was diagnosed with a heart defect in utero – Tetralogy of Fallot – so parents Lisa and Brent knew their little one would require surgery when she was born. But due to complications during scheduled surgery last Thursday, Maya’s heart was damaged further. She went on ECMO (or ECLS), the heart-lung bypass machine that saved Addison’s life, and everyone hoped a little bit of rest would help her heart recover. It hasn’t. Yesterday, this strong little girl underwent another surgery to put in a left ventricular assist device, a mechanical heart pump. This means she is now off ECMO, which is a huge step. ECMO is fraught with complications which get worse the longer the patient has to stay on it so the goal is always to get off of it as quickly as possible. Now Maya can concentrate on getting stronger while waiting for a heart.

We know just how scary and daunting the road ahead can be when faced with this ‘new reality’. One year ago today, Addison was walking the line between life and death when we were told her only hope was a heart transplant. We only wish no other family would have to go through the same thing. But miracles do happen. They happen all the time. Please send all your love, prayers and positive energy to Maya and her family. As mom Lisa says, “Maya still has so much life in her.” She just needs a second chance.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “Another Vancouver family joins the transplant roller coaster ride

  1. Maya, Lisa and Brent are in my thoughts and heart …sending out positive energy to them as they wait for another miracle to give their precious Maya a second chance…may your family’s miraculous journey give them hope at this difficult time ❤

  2. Sending all the positive thoughts and wishes possible to maya and her family!!!!! Little maya is in the best hands possible… day at a time!!!

  3. Our Hearts go out to this Family and please know we are praying for them. They have a great team in Vancouver and she will be in great hands. Stay strong parents 😦
    Bernie Shawna Brittany Kayla Brandon Michaud

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