Happy 13 months big girl!

It seems as if overnight our little baby has been replaced by a big girl. Addison has done a lot of growing up this past month while marking several major milestones. Last year, she turned one month old in the ICU at BC Children’s Hospital. She was just four days post-transplant and had finally made it off ECMO (the heart-lung bypass machine) for the second time. Today, she is a busy girl who never sits still. Addison isn’t walking yet, but she definitely wants to move – scooching across the hardwood floor on her butt, wriggling on her tummy forwards and backwards, going from sitting to her knees and back again. She is already a handful! Can’t imagine when she starts to walk.

Though still nowhere as difficult as wrestling her PJs on after bath time, taking her monthly picture is getting very challenging. The princess doesn’t even look twice at Mukmuk. She’d much rather be flipping through a pile of magazines, fiddling with Mommy’s camera strap, pulling stuff off the coffee table.

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Happy 13 months big girl!


Mommy and Daddy

One thought on “Happy 13 months big girl!

  1. HA! Hilarious how she does not even care about Mukmuk.. he’s been there with her every month….and now she does not even give him the time of day!! HAHA! The pictures really capture her “activeness”!!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!! Happy Mother’s Day, Elaine!!!!!!!!!!! Last year, you got a heart for your baby girl…this year, you can enjoy your big little girl and be amazed at how far she has come! 🙂 You are such an inspiration! XOXOX

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