Happy Mother’s Day!

On my first Mother’s Day, we got a second chance at life with our baby girl. No gift necessary this year (or any other year) because this is already a great day!

We did enjoy a weekend of sunshine in Whistler at the Fairmont..Addison’s first visit to Whistler. She loved watching the sunbathers hanging by the pool. Maybe next time she will get to try a swim?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, and to my amazing mom!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you Elaine <3. You're right… Princess Addison is the best gift ever…and the only one you need to celebrate motherhood…enjoy and may the best be yet to come 🙂

  2. HAPPY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, Elaine!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you guys had a great time in Whistler!!!!! 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you had a great mothers day Elaine you deserve it! I think of you always especially on days like those 🙂

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