Who doesn’t love family photos?

While we asked for no presents from friends or family for Addison’s first birthday – after all we have already been given the most precious gift ever – there was one we gracefully accepted from my best friend Julie. She knows me way too well because she had no doubt a photo session with her friend and fantastic photographer Katyann would be something I just wouldn’t refuse. We had the photo session at our home a few days before we left for Italy so they would be an accurate representation of the princess at a year old. We just got them back and love love love them! So we are sharing some of our favourites with you. Enjoy!

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Elaine, Aaron and Addison

11 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love family photos?

  1. Great photos! I actually laughed out loud at the one of her trying to eat the orange with the big eyes. Beautiful! xo

  2. Wow!!!! These are such awesome photos!!! What a perfect gift from Julie!!!!!! The photos rally capture the love and the fun that the mcyong’s have together!!!! Live the princess’s tutu!!!!! Super cute!!!!

  3. What a fabulous photo journal…<3
    I love all the joyful shots…and the cute impish smile and wide eyed look of wonder on Addie's face as she explores the world….truly la dolce vita…long live the McYong clan…full of mirth and merriment. 🙂

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