Getting ready for Miracle Weekend

For countless years, Aaron and I have been involved with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Miracle Weekend. We usually end up shooting family interviews at offsite locations in the weeks leading up to the big event – I go to Chilliwack and Aaron goes up to Prince George.

Last year was the first one in a long time we missed. Addison had just gotten home from the hospital. I could not sit through more than an hour of the telethon because I kept breaking out in fresh tears. Hearing the testimonials from parents and patients was so poignant and touching because we had just lived through our own incredible ordeal. At one point, Aaron finally told me to turn it off because I was not helping myself at all!

Though we have spent so much time at BCCH as journalists, it’s very different for us now. Of course we are there a lot on our own time for Addison’s medical appointments, but even when we go there for work, it’s such a familiar and comfortable environment. Earlier this week as I was getting ready to interview a doctor about childhood obesity, I ran into the ER doctor who admitted us the night Addison first got sick.

This Sunday, we will be back there again. This time, we are hosting Miracle Weekend with Addison. We will be sharing our story in the hopes it will encourage more people to donate. We have actually been working hard already! Several months ago Addison and I did an interview which has been put together in a beautiful vignette that will air during the telethon. And Aaron and Addison had fun shooting a cute promo that is running on Global BC right now.

See you this weekend!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison


6 thoughts on “Getting ready for Miracle Weekend

  1. I’ll be watching….I usually can’t see the screen through my veil of tears though 😉
    Having nursed for 35 years, I have seen my fair share of heartbreaking tragedy, had the privilege of helping patients and families discover unbelievable courage to face what lies ahead and I have witnessed first hand little miracles…all part of the human experience that connects us all.
    Storytellers like you, Addie and Aaron facilitate this and we are grateful you are able to share your experience so that others may benefit….the McYong family rocks ❤

  2. Happy Miracle Weekend this weekend! The promos, stories and everything has always been really touching, but this year, with Addie’s (and your) story added to the weekend definitely brings a special, emotional twist… I’m so grateful for the BC Children’s Hospital, the staff and all that they do. Amazing!

  3. I love that adorable promo! i’ll be at the miracle weekend Childrun on Sunday to support the cause, i’ll be thinking of addison!

  4. I agree, every parent should be able to do everything with their child and that’s why I decided to donate…enjoy your miracle 🙂 you keep me going Elaine, Aaron, and Addison!

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