Miracle Weekend – Addison’s story

It’s another busy morning in the McYong household getting ready to head to BC Children’s Hospital. But today, we have no medical appointments! We are going there to do what we can to help other BC children get the best medical care possible. Aaron and I will be hosting Miracle Weekend on Global BC from 10:30am to 1:00pm with plenty of appearances by the princess. (We know everyone really just wants to see her! Mommy and Daddy who??) Addison’s story will be aired again at 11:10am followed by our live interview. In case you miss it, you can watch Addison’s Miracle Weekend story HERE.

If you have any money to spare, please consider donating to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Miracle Weekend! I can tell you without all those donations over the years, Addison would not be with us today. The ECMO heart-lung machine which saved her life when her heart was near-failure was bought with donated money.



Elaine, Aaron and Addison

One thought on “Miracle Weekend – Addison’s story

  1. What a successful and inspiring Miracle Weekend… largely in part due to family’s like yours, sharing their stories …. Addison of course stole the show 😉 but mom and dad were pretty great as well….continued happiness and good health to the McYong clan ❤

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