Walking…sort of. We’re in for a world of trouble!

It seems as if Addison is growing up and developing in leaps and bounds. That could be partly because I am now cramming in 40 hours at work every week…not sure what I did with all my time before? Every time I come home at night, the princess is surprising me with her new moves. In just the last week, she has learned how to pull herself up to standing and tonight, she took her first few tentative steps…with some support from Mommy of course.

Everyone always tells first-time parents to enjoy the ride because babies grow up so fast. I just didn’t know it would be quite this much of an express train! We finally started toddler-proofing our house because Miss Busy is already good at creating train wrecks. Just wait until she’s walking!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Walking…sort of. We’re in for a world of trouble!

  1. That’s awesome news Elaine….even if does create more challenges with keeping Miss Mischief safe 😉 I love seeing you and Aaron on news….and I am so happy Princess Addie is making great developmental progress and stabilizing…it was fabulous to see all of you on the telethon ❤

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