Postcards from Italy

Under the Tuscan sun

It has been a while since we returned home from our fantastic trip to Italy (you can read about it HERE, HEREHERE, and HERE) but work has gotten in the way of life. Finally, I am posting some of the photo highlights. Now all I can think about is getting back to Italy as quickly as possible or at least finding some gelato and prosciutto to enjoy (not at the same time)!

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Everyone asks us how Addison did with the traveling. Well, she was a rock star little adventurer, except on the airplane rides – and we had a few of those. It’s not that she was completely miserable on the airplane, she was  just so excited to be in a new place with a television screen right in front of her face she refused to sleep. Let’s put it this way…she was happy 75% of the time, extremely tired, miserable and cranky about 15% of the time and asleep the remaining 10%. It made for two very long travel days on the way to Italy and back home. However, it took her only a couple of nights to get adjusted to the new time zone and same thing when we got home.

During our sometimes long and crazy days, Addison got used to napping, eating and pottying on the go. We would often leave our apartment around 10am and not get home until dinnertime. Eating in Italy was a thrill for all of us – Addison loved pasta, gelato, cheese and the few bites of salumi we allowed her to sample.

We only had one medication mishap. One of the bottles in Aaron’s special Pelican case did not have the lid screwed on properly while we were in transit. When we arrived in Florence, some of it had spilled out. But we still had plenty to get us through our three weeks and two back-up plans just in case.

The princess really seemed to thrive with all the different sights and the extra attention from strangers. Since coming home, I have noticed how much more comfortable she is in new surroundings with new people. Many parents who travel with their kids have told us they are often surprised with how adaptable and flexible their little ones can be while on the road.

So now that we’ve gotten through our first international family trip with such great memories, we are getting ready for the next two – Hong Kong and Thailand in October, then Australia in January. I will definitely NOT be leaving the Gravol in the checked baggage for those flights!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS If you can’t get quite enough of Italy from these photos, click HERE to see the complete set…warning, there are LOTS of pics!

4 thoughts on “Postcards from Italy

  1. Wow!! Italy looks absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the shot of the rolling green countryside!!! The pic of Addie in the potty is AWESOMe!!!! Looks like a really fantastic family holiday!!!! (with gong gOng and Lao Lao too!!!) that gelato looks goOD!

  2. Wow…what great photos and memories ❤ I am so envious…I love Italia…here's to many happy healthy adventures abroad, as you show Princess Addie this wonderful world we live in 🙂

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