A tough week – life with death

After living through that terrifying life and death experience with Addison last year, we know too well the fragility of our mere existence. Does anyone else marvel at the fact we are alive? But that doesn’t make it any easier when we are faced with death. This past week has been tough.

Our fantastic temporary nanny whom Addison adores had to unexpectedly leave us last Thursday for an emergency trip back home. She is from Johnsons Landing. Yes, that Johnsons Landing, site of a horrific landslide which destroyed three homes and killed four people. One of those victims was our nanny’s best friend from childhood. The home where she grew up is gone. Her mom narrowly escaped the path of the landslide, running out of the way as it came thundering down the slope. I was supposed to go and cover the story. When I heard the terrible news from our nanny, I couldn’t go. It was way too close to home.

November 3, 2011 – July 13, 2012

Then less than 24 hours after that heartbreaking news, I got a call from beautiful little Maya’s mom Lisa. After 12 weeks in the ICU at BC Children’s Hospital waiting for a heart, Maya’s fight ended. She passed away early Friday morning, cradled in her parents’ arms, surrounded by their love. I feel so honoured to have met Maya, even if it was for just a few brief moments. She was a brave soul who had so much spirit and spunk. Maya was eight months old.

Please take a moment today and tell your loves ones how much they mean to you. Hug your children. Kiss your partner. Call your parents. Appreciate all those moments while you can.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

8 thoughts on “A tough week – life with death

  1. Hugs and prayers from the Blundell home and our dear (Emily) a Children’s Hospital hydrocephalus shunt patient!!!

  2. ❤ to you and Aaron during this very difficult time…as a nurse for well over 35 years I know well, how fragile life is and how things can turn on a dime. I consciously make the effort to tell my husband and kids I love them daily….I always remind my close friends that I love them and we always hug as we part company….my parents are no longer alive and I miss our weekly long distance calls and visits terribly 😦 ….but life goes on…as fragile and uncertain as it is …..I am grateful for each day… I remind those that seem to take life for granted and don't celebrate it daily, that this is not a dress rehearsal…viva la vida …my heart aches for those in Johnson's Landing as they struggle through this life changing event and for Maya's parents as they grieve the loss of their precious daughter. ❤

  3. I easily forget how precious life is… Then I think of Addie’s miracle and Realise how grateful and lucky I am. It’s heartbreaking to hear about the tragic landslide in johnsons landing and little, beautiful maya! Deepest condolences to Maya’s family, Margaret and her best friends family and all others affected.

  4. It does make me quite sad that there are not more people donating organs for those in need. It, in my opinion, is such an easy thing to do, but I know others don’t feel quite the same as I do. To be a part of saving a life is such a wonderful feeling and helps get past the grief of losing Audrey because there is a purpose, a reason and another life that can be saved. My heart goes out to Maya’s family and the landslide victims and to Elaine and Aaron.
    With Love

  5. We are very grateful for every moment we have with our precious son and try not to take life for granted….may God rest their souls in peace and surround them with everlasting light of love….

  6. Hi Elaine, I came across your message the same day my husband got the news that he’s lost his job. Very timely reminder to count our blessings. We are here, we have each other and that’s what matters.
    And yes, please, please, please everyone become a registered organ donor!

  7. I am not sure how any of us endure the loss of a child, especially for mom and dad. The line too fine.The capacity of the human heart is more than I will ever understand.

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