Happy 16 months!

16 months already! A few more teeth, a lot more opinionated…Addison is growing up fast. She is getting oh-so-close to taking her first few steps but she isn’t quite ready to let go of Mommy or Daddy’s hand quite yet. The princess is getting very good at letting us know exactly what she wants. These days it involves getting outside as much as possible. She loves sitting by the door, pointing and grunting until she gets our attention.

Addison also gets very attached to certain toys and animals. She especially loves her floppy giraffe – which always goes to bed with her – and her Italian bear. Not so much love for poor Muk Muk. Doesn’t she remember he’s been with her from the very beginning? Ahhhhh, the fickle mind of an almost-toddler!

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Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Happy 16 months!

  1. She is one gorgeous, precious little girl … you go girl…keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes ;). Continued good health Princess Addie and enjoy the days….they do grow up too quickly…it isn’t just an empty cliche. ❤

  2. She is so beautiful, thank you so much for this blog, it sure gives our family hope and encouragement. We are so happy she is doing so well.

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