Second time lucky? Another attempt at a biopsy

No food or liquid after 7:30am is tough for a 16 month old who usually gets up around that time, has a cup of milk and then eats breakfast. But those are the doctor’s orders for Addison’s biopsy today. Unfortunately, they are running late in the catheter lab and it’s now been 4 hours since the princess had a little water. This makes for one cranky little girl!

This will be the second attempt at a biopsy. The first try in May was a bust because getting access to the heart through Addison’s neck and femoral veins was problematic after her time on ECMO.

This time, the medical team is going to try going through the subclavian on the left side. Hopefully, they will get in that way.

The biopsy is the only way to check for rejection in the transplanted heart. It is a surgical procedure so the princess will have to have full anesthesia…now we are just waiting to go in.

In solidarity, Mommy and Daddy have not had anything to eat or drink either. We are pretty cranky too!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “Second time lucky? Another attempt at a biopsy

  1. Good luck McYongs! I hope they can get what they need this time and that everything goes well. And that you all get to eat soon!!

  2. Oh poor little princess!!!!!! Hope she gets in soon a d they are able to get in to do the biopsy!!!!!! Best of luck!!!!

  3. Hope things are going well for the poor little thing …and for mom and dad … and that things are finally under way. Here’s hoping the procedure is successful this time and the biopsy results what you wish for…<3 and hugs to Princess Addie and mommy and daddy…

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