Second time’s a charm

Feeling kind of groggy…

We are now waiting in the Surgical Daycare Unit recovery area to get discharged. Addison’s biopsy was a success! We should get the results in the next day or two. Rejection is not uncommon amongst pediatric transplant recipients but it is almost always treatable. In infant transplant patients, severe rejection is quite unusual.

My chart is HUGE!


Hmmm…what is this red light on my big toe?


The princess is not reacting that well to anesthetic. As a result, Mommy smells like puke.

We are actually back tomorrow for a kidney function test so Addison’s IV in her right foot is staying in overnight, hopefully!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “Second time’s a charm

  1. What a huge relief they were able to get in this time!!! Hope Princess Addie recovers from all of today’s stuff quickly!!!!! Give her a big hug and kiss from Uncle Ben-Ben, Auntie Son-Son and Luca!!!!

  2. So happy it was successful…praying you receive good news shortly…hope you all get a good sleep tonight and Princess Addie recovers quickly…she is one tough little cookie 😉 Bedtime hugs to the 3 of you ❤

  3. You Did it Addison 🙂 Good Girl test will be great, Hope you feel better after the anesthetic a lot of adults cant handle that either hugs ❤

  4. Ew, sorry to hear she felt sick from the anasthetic…Paper charts? Still? She looks strong, if a little groggy. Hoping for the best result for all concerned.

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