Rejecting rejection!

The princess woke up this morning very happy and chipper after a 12+ hour sleep – nothing like the aftereffects of a little anesthetic to help you sleep like a baby! We trekked back to BC Children’s Hospital for the GFR test looking at kidney function. The glomerular filtration rate test involves injection of an isotope so nuclear images can be taken of the kidneys in action – this takes half an hour with the patient strapped into a little straightjacket – then there are blood draws at two hours and three hours post isotope injection.

I don’t like this! Don’t try and bribe me with flashing lights.

The GFR required an IV so that’s why this test was scheduled the day after the biopsy…the hope being the IV would survive overnight. It made it through the injection of the isotope, but unfortunately when it came time to draw blood, it was a bust. So Addison had to endure another two needle pokes today.

Then some fantastic news later in the day after we got home. NO REJECTION! The preliminary biopsy results are back and there is no evidence of rejection…ALL CLEAR!!!!! WOO HOO! It was what we were expecting and hoping so getting confirmation that her new heart is working beautifully is a relief. Another major hurdle we’ve come through.

Ice cream makes everything perfect!

I sometimes get a little sad when I think about everything Addison has gone through in her 16 months of life. I’m sure she’s now had more needles than I have. I’ve only undergone surgery once (and that was for wisdom teeth so it doesn’t really count). She has had so many different tests and procedures, met so many different specialists, been to the hospital so many times…it’s overwhelming. Yet she is easygoing and happy. She may take some time to warm up to new people and situations, but once she does, she is full of smiles. She cries when she’s getting poked and prodded, but as soon as it’s done, she’s back to her usual cheerful self. It’s as if she’s instantly forgiven whoever is causing her pain and discomfort. She doesn’t seem to dwell on any of the negatives and seems intently focused on enjoying life. It really is inspiring. I feel so proud of my baby girl.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “Rejecting rejection!

  1. I have tears of relief and happiness!!!!! Addie is such an incredibly brave little girl who, as you say, has been through so much! It’s such a blessing to see her cheeky little smiles, hear her demanding grunts and watching her get her way. 🙂 I’m soooooooooo excited to hear that her amazing heart is pumping and her body is reacting as it should! Congratulations on you and Aaron for being so strong and being such amazing parents!

  2. Absolutely awesome news…what a relief it must be to confirm this…may Princess Addie continue to thrive ❤ and may this give you the opportunity to ' relax ' a little more as you enjoy being mom and dad to your miraculous and beautiful daughter….cheers to the McYongs…we've all been sending out positive energy for your family 🙂

  3. What a fantastic day for your family. A good friend of ours works at Global and our family has followed your journey since the day your struggle has begun. You are always in our thoughts and we love reading your updates. Way to go Addison!!!

  4. What great news. So happy for you all. I know exactly how you feel. Makes me sad too when Mattias has to go through yet another procedure or test. Next one is in October. But we always get through and move on somehow, and luckily we manage to focus on the happy feelings and be greatful most of the time.

  5. Wow! What absolutely great news for the family! I have to admit that I got a litte teary eyed reading this post. That is one priceless gift!! Elaine, Aaron and Addison…you are and have been an inspiriation for many!! You have journeyed this road the with confidence, fortitude and support that I am not sure I could. Hugs all around and continued blessings and good health.

  6. sometimes its a wonder who is guiding and teaching who in this crazy transplanted life!Another amazing job well done Addison, you remind me that no matter what comes my way today, to get past the hurdles and enjoy the rest! And hang on for the ride Mom&Dad!

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