Welcome to toddlerhood!

Over the past couple of months, Addison has been taking baby steps towards walking. For several weeks now, she has gotten really good at toddling along while holding one of our hands. But she has seemed reluctant to completely let go. Last week, she started hesitantly taking one or two steps before dropping to the ground to crawl. Then on Saturday, she took several steps in a row! The princess has been trying out her new skills sporadically…though never when we had our cameras rolling. Finally last night, after several independent moments of walking throughout the day, we got it on video. Addison is officially a toddler now!!

Compare that to just three weeks ago…wish I could master a new skill that quickly!

It is rather amusing because most babies are walking earlier than 16 months and when other parents find out Addison’s age and see she isn’t walking yet, they give us that pitying and patronizing, “Oh, don’t worry.” I have been so tempted to reply with a somewhat sarcastic, “Well, the reason she is a little physically delayed is because she went into heart failure before three weeks old and then had a heart transplant a few days later. After being in the hospital for a month, our physiotherapist assures us she is well within normal for her age. AND NORMAL WALKING AGE IS UP TO 18 MONTHS.” But I don’t. I just smile.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “Welcome to toddlerhood!

  1. Good job Addison! Yay for walking and toddlerhood! [By the way, you’re a better person than I am. I would totally say those things. ;-)]

  2. You go girl…keep em running Princess Addie and good for you Elaine…biting your tongue and taking the moral high ground isn’t easy…I know….as I constantly had armchair psychologists advising us on what to do with our young son with Autism Spectrum Disorder…I finally got so sick of judgmental comments on behavioural issues we got business cards explaining what ASD was…an invisible disability and an emergency # for them to call should we ask them to assist us in a crisis…it shut a lot of know it all’s up and down ;))

  3. She is adorable. You go girl!
    She is way ahead of Mattias, he was 25 months. And I remember those looks, and comments. Also when people saw him with a soother at age three. I so badly wanted to tell people that it was doctors order, so he could work on his suction muscles and motor skills after 4 brain bleeds and 5 open heart surgeries plus lots more. Sometimes I just wanted to tell some people that it was non of their business and that we didn’t need to hear their negative comments just because they thought he was too old for the soother, or being carried around etc – but like you I never said anything.
    Mattias just added strawberries to his little list of food he will eat. It makes me so proud. Every little milestone is a big deal for families like us. Too bad that it sometimes get ruined by hurtful comments, but I guess we just have to know that it is because “they” don’t know our situation or if they do – just don’t get it.

    So proud of you Addison!

    Love, Hege

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