Life lessons from Maya

I received a beautiful email recently from Lisa, mother of the brave and courageous little Maya. She wanted to share some thoughts as she goes through the grieving process for her precious daughter. Maya was on the wait list for a heart transplant. She didn’t make it and was just eight months old when she died. (To read more about Maya’s story, click HERE and HERE.)

Maya was wise beyond her years. She went through so much in her short life, yet her legacy lives on. Please read and share this with your loved ones.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

Maya at five months

10 life lessons I learned from Maya

1) It doesn’t matter how tired or weak your body is, your spirit and love of life is a separate entity and can thrive in spite of anything.  Even after your heart has stopped beating, your spirit will live on in others’ hearts.

2) Allow your community to take part in raising your child. Your child will benefit from all the love and interaction. Your community will learn invaluable lessons about love.  (And you might actually get some rest!)

3) Always be curious and in awe of the most simple of things.

4) No matter how painful the circumstance, you can find love, joy and connection.

5) If there’s a camera in the room, always stop what you are doing and look directly at it. Don’t stop looking until your picture is taken. Even then, as long as the camera is out, stay still and watch the person holding the camera until they put it away. Only then should you resume the cute things you were doing.

6) Sometimes you have to step back and trust your child.   No matter how deep your love,  you can’t always protect her.  Trust that your child knows what she needs for herself during these difficult times.

7) When all else fails, a head tickle or a tummy rub will do the trick.

8) That person staring back at you in the mirror is the cutest, most interesting person in the world.  Appreciate her. Don’t be afraid to squeal at her in delight.

9) Life is always more fun when you’re not wearing socks (especially when you get to watch people run around looking for the ones that you kicked off your feet).

10) It’s ok to give your biggest smile to a complete stranger.

– by Lisa

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